Moonshine Messiahs:  American Dream

Moonshine Messiahs: American Dream

Moonshine Messiahs

I played drums in the NYC garage rock band Moonshine Messiahs from 1998 - 2001.  We recorded the American Dream EP at LoHo Studios in New York's Lower East Side in June 2000.  LoHo Studios was one of the last analog-only studios in NYC.  There was not a computer in the joint, we recorded to 2" tape. That hiss you hear is analog reel-to-reel tone, baby.  Except on Ocean City, the hiss on that tune is a sample of ocean surf and seagulls.

Playing in this band was the most fun I've ever had making music.  Jamming with Hambone (Jamie Laboz) Mudflap (Adam Michel) and T.C. (Rich Meyer) was always a bacchanalia of musical, chemical and spiritual pleasure.

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